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We have officially moved from our house in Fairfax into an area closer to DC. The actual move was much less difficult than I had anticipated. I think I had done a lot of emotional heavy lifting preparing to make the decision to move, so the actual actions had less of an impact. When Matt and I completed our final walkthrough of our old house, it felt like we were in a museum. As if we were stepping into a place of significance where two amazing people once lived. The house felt barren and hollow, just memories of what was. With a lot of work, our new house is feeling more and more like home. For months we had lived in a de-personalized house. Photographs were removed and everything that gave the home personality were removed. It was thrilling to unpack boxes of photos and mementos. I have spent time trying to replicate what we had into a new smaller space. Our new home has a ton of builtin bookshelves, so I have been busy creating little shelves of memories. A Handy Manny toolset

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