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It's Been a Year

  I graduated last month with my MSW. Three years of challenging classwork and internships. I had spent many years trying to figure out my vocational purpose and it wasn't until Waverly and Oliver died that I realized a career as a social worker was the answer. I am able to utilize my talents and skills, along with the many lessons I learned along the way as Waverly and Oliver's mom and caregiver, to support families. I have taken a position working in a pediatric hospice as a social worker and grief therapist. This is difficult work. Sacred work. Stepping into delicate spaces with families, offering support in an unfixable situation. I have to leave my grief behind as I enter to serve other children and those who love them. It is a space I feel comfortable in, a space I can be of help in, and a space my children prepared me for. Waverly should have graduated this year. She should be preparing for a gap year, university, or some other fabulous adventure. I walked across a gradu

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