London Vacation

Waverly & I have the opportunity to fly to London to spend a week with Matt. (Oliver had a very special week with my parents in PA.) After a few weeks apart, a reunion in such a special city was perfect. Thankfully Waverly did great on the plane and adjusted to the time change like a champ. She is such an easy going traveller. Here are a few photos highlights of our trip:

Here are Matt and Waverly in Grosvenor Square

Matt & Wavey in front of Buckingham Palace

Matt & Wavey in Regent's Park

Matt & Wavey at the Diana Memorial Playground

Peppa Pig World with friends!!!

Matt had to work during the week, so Waverly and I visited the old neighborhood, shopping, went to the zoo and enjoyed the lovely London parks. We spent Saturday with Matt exploring our old favorite London haunts. And Sunday was the highlight of our trip. We met up with some dear friends, who also have 2 children with Sanfilippo. We spent the day with them at Peppa Pig World (a favorite character of Waverly & Oliver - came home with loads of souvenirs). They are such an amazing family and we were so excited to finally introduce Waverly to them. 

Here is a photo of Sophie & Waverly - together at last, together forever.

Our time in London brought back some wonderful memories of living there with the kids before they were diagnosed. We were even able to meet up with Waverly's former speech therapist, which was a real treat for us. As we wandered the city, we were flooded with memories. It was lovely to remember them so vividly. We had such blissful years there - no Sanfilippo. Sadness crept in every so often, but thankfully we were able to keep it at bay. Simply enjoying the present, on a very special trip with our little girl.


Joanne said…
Shannon, I loved reading about London. The photo from Regency Park brought tears to my eyes. Didn't you have a family photo taken on that bridge or one like it that you had posted when you first started the blog? It just reminded me that time is moving and I have been wanting to freeze it lately. I'm so glad it was such a special trip!! Joanne
Laura said…
I had the same thought as Joanne - that picture is just like an earlier one!

So glad that your time in London was such a joyful walk in those memories of your life together there.

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