Meet the McNeil Family

Meet the McNeil Family

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holding Hands

This may be one of my all time favorite photos of the kids. I apologize for the fuzzy quality. I snapped it on my phone as quickly as possible, because I knew they would not remain in this position for long. Do you see their hands? Waverly often reaches over to hold Oliver's hand, but typically he swats her away. Not today. He took her hand and held it. It is such a simple gesture, but it speaks volumes to me.

Oh Oliver!!

Oliver's teacher sent me a few photos from his past week of school. The top photo shows him eating the gingerbread cookie he decorated. If I know Oliver, he attempted to eat the cookie before any decorating was completed. He is simply so excited to see a treat, he wants to down it immediately.  Judging by his lips and shirt, I think some icing did make it on the cookie this time.

Thankfully, Oliver has been a very good sleeper for us. He sometimes wakes early (4am), but many days he sleeps a full night. Friday was one of the unfortunate early rise days. I sent him to school, thinking he would nap once he returned home. He could not last. After lunch, he went to the Book Look area and fell asleep in this position in less than a minute. He took a nice 90 minute nap before it was time to head home for the day. Little cutie.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekend Adventures

This past weekend Waverly was at Jill's House. We packed her bags for her overnight adventure and dropped her off on Friday night after dinner. As always she was all giggles as we walked through the door. She happily took the hand of a volunteer and off she went to settle into her pod for the evening. She had one of her favorite staff members assigned to her for the weekend, Jenny. She loved her time in the pool, playing chase in the gym (Jenny said she was laughing so hard and would look back to be sure Jenny was still chasing her), watching a movie in the pod and playing on the playground.

Matt and I really enjoy the opportunity to do some special things with Oliver, whilst Waverly is away. We went into DC Saturday for a nice lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We then went to the Botanical Gardens and the art museum. Oliver's favorite part of the day was riding the escalator over and over again. A close second was simply being able to run through the gardens and climb. We had such a lovely day.

We are always anxious to pick Waverly up Sunday night and we are typically counting down the hours until our reunion. We arrived to find a very happy, but very tired little girl on our hands. She did great!! I am simply so grateful to have such an incredible resource within our community.

House News

Still no major news on the house front. We did find out that the BPO was completed, meaning the bank should make a decision within 7 business days (per their most recent communication). Maybe we will receive the best Christmas gifts of all. Approval letters from the banks to the sellers to us, meaning the house is finally ours. It has been 7 months and counting. A short sale is extremely misleading.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Blues

I have a bad case of the Christmas blues.

In years passed, I have forced the traditional Christmas experience on the family. It just doesn't work for us. I am tired of feeling disappointed that things are not as they are "supposed to be". They are the way they are and it is time I adjust my holiday expectations. So this year, we are doing things differently. We have opted to take a few days off and head out of town to the beach. Just Matt, the kids and I. No tree. No presents. Just good old family fun. We will walk in the sand, play at the playground, swim in the heated pool. We are going to do the things Waverly & Oliver love to do.

House Update

Keep the prayers, positive thoughts, fingers crossed and good energy coming!! We received another update on the house this week. It looks like bank #2 is ready to hand over an approval letter. Bank #1 has to redo the BPO (appraisal) because the first one expired. As long as there isn't a significant change in the value of the property, we could have approval letters in a few weeks. As I have learned in the almost 7 months of waiting for the short sale to go through, nothing is as they say. However, we are holding out hope that we may receive the best Christmas gift of all - a house!!!