Christmas Blues

I have a bad case of the Christmas blues.

In years passed, I have forced the traditional Christmas experience on the family. It just doesn't work for us. I am tired of feeling disappointed that things are not as they are "supposed to be". They are the way they are and it is time I adjust my holiday expectations. So this year, we are doing things differently. We have opted to take a few days off and head out of town to the beach. Just Matt, the kids and I. No tree. No presents. Just good old family fun. We will walk in the sand, play at the playground, swim in the heated pool. We are going to do the things Waverly & Oliver love to do.


Anonymous said…
My dad passed away several years ago, and when that first Christmas rolled around, my mom, sister and I were filled with dread. We decided to cancel Christmas that year, and we headed to Mexico! Our plan was to avoid the emotional pain of that day, but we ended up finding an immense freedom from the societal pressures of Christmas and gained some much needed perspective on the consumerism crazed holiday. Since that first year, we have had several alternative Christmases, and it's been wonderful! Your situation is of course not completely analogous to ours, but I hope you find your Christmas beach trip just as refreshing!
Joanne Huff said…
Hi Shannon,

I can certainly relate so very much to how you are feeling. It seems those pangs hit me out of the blue, often times. A few days ago we were in a nearby town which has a cute and popular Main Street. Very Currier & Ives. As we were leaving the restaurant we had eaten at, the hostess told us in an hour they were going to light the tree on the town common, open up all the storefronts for hot chocolate and cookies and have sleigh rides going up and down Main Street. We opted to skip it as it was quite cold. As we drove off in our car I saw a grandmother with her little granddaughter and they were both beaming. Sadness just washed over me as I realized not only will I never have that singular expereince, but someday I won't even have Sasha at all during the holidays. It was overwhelmingly sad. I think you are smart to chose whichever adventure your hearts lead you on and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Thinking of you this holiday season, and always. Joanne
Pamela said…
I think that's an excellent plan. While I love trees, lights, decorations, and yes, even presents, as much as the next person they are not what Christmas is really about - Jesus is. While all of the "material" things are fun, spending time with family and/or friends is more important. Good for you guys to be able to adapt and do what works for your family. I pray you have a wonderful time together.
diplofam said…
Enjoy your time together--may God fill you with peace as your treasure your precious family!

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