Oh Oliver!!

Oliver's teacher sent me a few photos from his past week of school. The top photo shows him eating the gingerbread cookie he decorated. If I know Oliver, he attempted to eat the cookie before any decorating was completed. He is simply so excited to see a treat, he wants to down it immediately.  Judging by his lips and shirt, I think some icing did make it on the cookie this time.

Thankfully, Oliver has been a very good sleeper for us. He sometimes wakes early (4am), but many days he sleeps a full night. Friday was one of the unfortunate early rise days. I sent him to school, thinking he would nap once he returned home. He could not last. After lunch, he went to the Book Look area and fell asleep in this position in less than a minute. He took a nice 90 minute nap before it was time to head home for the day. Little cutie.


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