Oliver's Tears

Sweet little Oliver has had a very rough week. It all started on Monday. He was just...off. He woke up crying, which is very atypical. The entire day he was whiny/crying, couldn't settle and was quite manic. Nothing seems to capture his attention and he was unable to focus at all. He cried when he put him to bed and Tuesday started much the same way. He has OT & PT in the mornings and his therapist were startled to see him behaving in this way, because it is simply so unlike him. I hardly sent him to school last week, because he was so upset. I took him to our pediatrician and she couldn't find anything wrong.

He has been happiest strapped into his car seat or wheelchair. We took a lot of walks with Watson while Wavey was at school. Oliver really enjoying watching Watson walk next to him. And Watson did a great job staying right next to the chair.

I remember this behavior in Waverly a few years ago. It usually signified a regression. I saw the crying and mania as confusion. Their little brains are becoming more and more effected by the GAG build up. I can't imagine how scary it must be to not be able to form a word or all of a sudden have difficulty walking.

We are tying to so things that keep him as happy as possible - lots of car rides and walks.


Joanne said…
I hope this is just a quick bump in the road, Shannon, and that Oliver resumes to his happy self very very soon. We've seen this quite a few times over the years with Sasha, exactly the same with car rides and stoller spins suddenly bringing her contentment when nothing else would. Please know we're thinking of you, and if I can recall any tips from those times I'll certainly let you know! Joanne

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