Watson the Graduate

This little guy has been keeping me very busy and is one of the reasons blogging has fallen off my radar the past few months. He has been with our family for about 2 months and last week he graduated from Puppy Kindergarten - a very basic obedience class. He was the youngest pup in the class and it showed, however he did great. We all have a lot to learn, but we feel like we have a much better idea on how to raise a puppy into a well behaved dog.

I have grown to love having him at home with me. He provides me with some company and I talk to him way too much throughout my day. We take walks together while the kids are at school, which has proved to be a wonderful way to meet our neighbors.

He is still learning how to behave with the kids. He is obsessed with their chewy tubes and tries to take them from the kids constantly. He is learning to stay down and not jump up. Waverly loves him and just wishes he would stop wiggling long enough for her to pet him. He has never snapped or growled at anyone and allows Wavey to poke, pull and grab him. He knows it is all done in love.


Carolyn Z said…
I am so happy to read this blog entry! Somehow I had missed this. My sincere hope was for Watson to be your little friend, your sounding board, your cuddle buddy when times were tough. I'm glad to hear is is being good, in his own puppy way. I hope he learns to leave the chewy tubes alone and not jump up. I am so happy Watson is with your family. Love, Nonnie

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