An Uncomfortable Subject

 I have written about poop in the past. Unfortunately one of the symptoms of Sanfilippo is diarrhea. We have had some incredible messes on our hands in the past. Quite literally. We have left poo covered clothes in rest areas, amusement parks, along the sides of roads, the National Mall, restaurants, birthday parties, parking lots. (I am fairly confident people tell stories of our family at the National Book Festival a number of years ago. Matt was carrying Wavey on his shoulders when the unimaginable happened. I chastised the people behind them in line to meet Elmo. How can you not tell someone there is poo dripping down their back?!?!) We always carried spare spare clothes, strollers and car seats were covered with water proof liners and towels. (Nothing worse then a poo covered car seat in the middle of no where on a long drive.) The threat of a major blow out has kept us from going places and caused us to leave early. Poop has controlled us.

Then a reprieve. Both kids seemed to be in a GI holding pattern. No major issues. Everything felt controllable.

Until now.

Constipation has reared its ugly head. Moms of  older children with Sanfilippo told me that constipation was worse. I didn't believe them. I do now. My poor sweet Wavey is struggling. This is very common for our kids as they get older. Their little systems begin to slow down and unfortunately the GI tract not exempt.

Diarrhea was a mess, but it caused no pain. The same cannot be said for constipation.


That is awful. I am so sorry!!! Praying for poop for Wavey today.
Anonymous said…
I'm not sure that this will provide you with any degree of comfort, but perhaps knowing you're not alone will help a little. Our daughter is nearly 5 and we still have to be constantly prepared for her gastrointestinal pyrotechnics. The girl can puke at the drop of, well, name a food item. She has actually gotten to the point where she can spew with pinpoint accuracy. When we were in Disney last month, she gagged on a cranberry in the desert at Liberty Tree Tavern and the inevitable ensued. She managed to keep it all on a plate. When the people came to clean it up, they were both shocked at her aim, and thankful that she had contained the mess. Still, we always, always have bags in the car and a change of clothes on hand and we have kept a spare car seat in the basement because cleaning up car seats is the absolute worst.

We used to decide whether to eat at restaurants back in Columbus based on (a) whether she had puked there and (b) the reaction we got from the wait staff. The answer to the first was invariably "yes, at some point."

Praying for Waverly. Sorry to hear she is in pain.
Sarah Bishop said…
Can you use Miralax? My pediatrician told us to use that for our toddlers. She said it is non-addictive, not a stimulant, and they could be on it forever. 2-3 days and no more issues. It just helps retain water in the bowel.
camille said…
We did Miralax too, everyday, to stay normal. It might take a few days to kick in but it did definitely help. Benefiber is also an option you might be able to add in with miralax. Just a few thoughts of some things we've used to battle constipation. The BEST suppository we used was by pedialax and was liquid glycerin. I am telling you, poop that was stuck for 2 to 3 days came out within 8 to 10 minutes of that suppository going in. It was like a miracle.

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