The Party Girl

Waverly attended her first school birthday party today. It was a very special moment for her. For me.

There are a few students in her class (4th grade mainstream class) that are particularly kind to her. They always come over to say hello. They talk to her as they would a baby which is quite enduring and nurturing of them. 

A few weeks before school ended one of the girls (I shall call her L) asked me if she could invite Wavey to her birthday party over the summer. I said of course, but not knowing how much follow through there is with a 9 year old. Then during the last week of school, L asked for my email address so she could email Wavey the invitation. Wouldn't you know it her mom included us on the invitation list and the party was this afternoon.

I was a bit nervous, given that the party was going to be a bunch of 4th grade girls and me assisting Waverly. Thankfully, most of the girls knew me and were genuinely excited to see us. Even some of the parents commented at drop off that "Wow, Wavey is here!". We stayed for about an hour. Watched the girls jump through the sprinklers and play with squirt guns. Wavey walked through the water and simply enjoyed watching her friends. She got lots of hugs and compliments on her beautiful hair. L opened her gift - lip gloss, purple glitter nail polish, emery board and a gift card to Target - before we left. She gave Wavey a big thank you hug and then we left.

It was such a simple gesture. I don't think many of the other girls would have ever even thought about inviting her. Or maybe their parents weren't sure it was a good idea. However, I love that L was determined to have her friend Waverly there to celebrate. And I am so grateful to L's parents for supporting their daughter and included Wavey. What a special day and a wonderful memory.


Alison said…
What a beautiful girl L must be.
PK said…
Oh, how wonderful for both you and Waverly!
TheBoyceCrew said…
What a beautiful example of Love! I am moved to tears at the beautiful picture of inclusion....everyone is blessed!

Thank you for sharing your life with me.
TheBoyceCrew said…
What a beautiful picture of inclusion-everyone is blessed!
Thank you for sharing your life with me!

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