Shout Out to JH

Today is Waverly & Oliver's last day of day camp at Jill's House. What a fantastic program they put together for the kids this year. Our family adores the summer day camps, because it allows the kids to participate in camp-like activities, in a environment made just for them. They socialize with other children, the staff is incredible, they are able to swim with the support of lifeguards, jump in moon bounces, play on an adaptive playground, and so much more. We are so fortunate to have this facility in our area. Thanks to the many volunteers and staff members of JH who love our kids and take such excellent care of them.


Anonymous said…
School's starting soon! Sounds like the family had a full and fun summer. I hope you get to the beach again this fall. We may do a Rehobeth day trip soon before school starts. love nm
Anonymous said…
I just stumbled across your blog completely by accident and I became teary eyed when I read the inspiration for your blog title. What a beautiful description of life with your precious children. I'm glad you're willing to share your story and I came across it tonight.

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