Impacting Friends

We will be celebrating National Inclusion Week at the kids' school in December. I am heading it up for the PTA. Thankfully, Waverly's 4th grade teacher and classmates are really excited about the event. They have decided to take the lead and help organize the week's activities. We will be honoring a different syndrome/disability each day of the week. The kids are also raising money for Jill's House. They will be collecting change all week. They are also making rainbow loom bracelets and selling lemonade & cocoa at neighborhood stands. It is truly incredible to see such young kids excited about including kids with different abilities in their school. And wanting to educate themselves on what those kids are facing each day. Waverly & Oliver are having such a positive impact on their schoolmates.

Wavey modeling on of the loom bracelets made for her 

Wavey's classmates wearing their MPS Awareness bracelets I bought for the class


Jess said…
You are so lucky to have such a special school for Waverly and Oliver. I wish my child's school did more to include the kids with different abilities.
Anonymous said…
I would love to hear about the activities you came up with, and how you honored each kid! I think all schools should make sure to include kids with different abilities, and make them feel as special as they are.
Melanie Celano Reilly said…
Aw this is so wonderful to see. It's so good to see such young kids making such big strides in accepting kids of all abilities. Wavey has such great friends.

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