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Waverly turns 11 years old on November 15th. As you can imagine, birthday are bittersweet in our family. When Waverly & Oliver were diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome 6.5 years ago, we were told their life span would be anywhere from 10-16 years. We have no idea how much time we have left with them, but we focus on today. Celebrating the moment at hand and making memories along the way.

In an effort to celebrate her birthday, we are asking for your help. We would like to encourage you and your family to reach out to a family in your area who has a child with special needs. Introduce yourself, have your child make them a card, invite them out for coffee or a playdate, give them a gift card. We want to see "Waves of Inclusion" throughout the world, in honor of our  inspiring little girl.

Please *like* our Facebook page - "Wavey Inspires". Share our idea and please share how you blessed a family in your life in honor of Waverly's birthday.

Thank you!!


Anonymous said…
I LOVE this idea! What a beautiful way to honor a beautiful girl's birthday!

I will be spending my November 15th #Waveyinspires ing while going through my training for Jill's House! She will be on my thoughts all day!

-Jacqueline Preston
Anonymous said…
WOnderful idea. Will send an email to a child who had been in Ps class in a semi-integrated way since Kindergarten. Wavey does inspire me. nm
Ruth said…
Last week my 7 year old daughter Amelia was making Xmas cards for school friends. She was reading out a list she made, and then stopped and said thoughtfully that she would make one for "D" a special needs child who is in her class occasionally, because she needed to make sure D felt like she had friends. I was so touched. Thank you for reminding me to help her to be even more inclusive.

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