Fantasy Flight

A few weeks ago Waverly & Oliver's principal called to let us know that he had nominated us for United's Fantasy Flight and we got a spot. We had to be at Dulles airport early on a Saturday morning for a flight to the North Pole.

It was an amazing experience. United offers this special flight once a year around Christmas. Children in hospice or those with a terminal illness are flown to the North Pole (i.e. a terminal decorated to look like the North Pole) to meet Santa. The plane was totally decorated and the flight attendants came around with tons of candy for the kids. There were wearing costumes and sang. And for about 20 minutes we flew around over DC (ahem or using magic elf dust to the NP). 

Once we landed we were greeted by tons of people in costumes. There was lots of food, crafts, games. And of course a visit to Santa where the kids were given a gigantic bag full of toys. The kids had a fantastic time. And Matt & I were certainly overwhelmed by the love and support shown to our family and others within our community. What a special day it was for us.

Thanks to Mr C and his wife for making this day possible!!


Hummel Family said…
How neat!!!!! Sounds like a fun experience for all 4 of you. :)

JoEllen from Ohio

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