I recently realized I have not updated the blog all month and thought it was time for a quick summary. Basically...flu. Oliver and Matt bounced back fairly quickly and within a few days they were back to their normal selves. Waverly's poor body really took a hit and she is still coming back from it. Her immune system was wiped out and her blood counts were atrocious. Everything is coming back to baseline, except for her WBC. We are hoping she will have more energy soon. I have kept her home from school all month. I didn't want to expose her to anything else and I could tell her little body needed more time to recover. We have enjoyed the time together - I love having her home with me.

Between the winter weather and the flu, we haven't done anything exciting all month. Here are a few pictures though of our time at home.


Anonymous said…
I wondered if the flu had gotten there. I heard that it was terrible this year. Glad you updated! Nm
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to post that I read your blog and care... God bless you and your family.

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