Start of Summer

The end of the school year came so quickly this year. I cannot believe Oliver will begin 3rd grade and Waverly 6th in the fall. This will be Waverly's final year at her elementary school and I am already getting emotional about it. Why can't time slow down?

We have been on summer break for about a week now. I had purposefully planned a two week break of activities, so we could simply enjoy not going to school. About a day in, I realized that we do much better when we have some structure to our days. We struggle with our home body Oliver who prefers to stay home with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on an endless loop and Waverly who prefers to be out and about with people. Since Oliver is still walking, I am trying to force small outings while I can manage them all by myself. Thankfully day camp starts up next week. 

Waverly went to visit her orthopedist a few weeks ago and he gave us the (anticipated) news that she has scoliosis and will require a back brace. It is going to be important to straighten her as much as possible, given that her posture is a vital component to respiration. So I made an appointment with our orthotist to cast her for a brace. I don't think she will mind wearing it, but it is yet another thing to add to her body and routine.


Anonymous said…
Hooray fo Jill'sHouse camps! Nm
Susan said…
Seems impossible Waverly is that old already! Wishing you a really nice summer with the kids.

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