A Bit of a Recap

It has been a long hot July, but we have managed to stay cool. The kids have spent 2 weeks at Jill's House for day camps thus far this summer. The rest of the time has been spent at home. We bought a few new pieces of equipment, especially for repositioning Waverly so she isn't in the same few chairs all day long. I found this swing online and thought it would be a nice item to add to our collection. It has a much larger footprint than I was expecting, however the kids seem to enjoy hanging out in it as seen below.

We also attended at party at Jill's House to celebrate 500,000 hours of respite provided since they opened their doors about 6 years ago. There was an ice cream truck (Oliver's favorite part of the night), BBQ, bouncy castles, therapy dogs and a pony. Oliver even reached out to show Teddy some love. As many of you know, Jill's House is very special to our family. We were thrilled to celebrate such a huge accomplishment with them.

I also took Waverly to the National Theater to see The BFG. We saw the production last year and it was so superb, I just had to take her to see it in a larger venue. We had a fantastic time. She thought the BFG was quite silly and watched the entire performance with a smile on her face.


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