I recently attended a gathering for women where the topic of sacrifice was discussed. I enjoyed being amongst women who could respect choices - decisions to stay home, work full time, go back to school, leave unhealthy relationships. We don't do this enough. We don't look past our own experiences to realize that others make different and valid choices.

I have often thought about the time since Waverly & Oliver were diagnosed. I chose to defer my plans - going back to school and embarking on a career. I *gave up* my dreams. I chose to be a full time stay at home mom. I thought it was my sacrifice.

After I left the woman's group, I sat on this thought of my sacrifice. Watching the arc of Waverly's life - being there from start to finish - I realized that I sacrificed nothing. I gained everything.


pinkcupcakes said…
What a beautiful gain you have had.
Sending light, love and warmth
Joanne Huff said…
I love this, Shannon. A beautiful epiphany.


Denise Montalto said…
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Denise Montalto said…
Yes!I think we all fail you understand this at first sometimes! You are a wonderful mother and a beautiful person and your gain has been a gain to all of us that know you! Always in our prayers!

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