Mid-West Friends Tour

We returned from a 10 day road trip adventure to the mid-west. Thankfully Oliver is great in the car, because we drove a lot of miles. We have some special friends in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, so we packed up the van and off we went. Thanks to all of our friends who met us, hosted us and spent time with us!

Waverly was always more of a dare devil than Oliver, but I thought he would like the swings. I may have overestimated his enjoyment. But we survived and made a memory. 

Matt loves Rick Bayless, so we made a point to visit two of his restaurants in Chicago. 

 A little time spent on the Indian dunes on Lake Michigan.

 A definite highlight was spending the afternoon with these two amazing families. There is nothing like connecting with people to truly understand.

 Another highlight was spending a few days with my college best friends and their families. We got a picture of all of our kids, including Waverly's baa-baa.

We made a quick pit stop at our alma mater. 

I love sharing a king size hotel bed with Oliver. He is almost always horizontal and he likes to stick his feet underneath me. As uncomfortable as it sounds, I relish in it.


Mere said…
You went to Taylor? No way! I went to IWU!

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