Hospital Packing List

I have been asked twice in the last few weeks about a hospital packing list. I keep a running list based on our experiences and I thought I would share it. I hope you find it helpful. Let me know if you can think of other items to add.

For Your Child
- Comfy pjs (nightgown if wearing diapers)
- Warm socks/slippers
- Favorite toy/stuffy/blanket
- iPad or portable DVD player
- Toiletry kit
- Personal diapers/pull-ups
- Sippy cup
- Favorite snacks
- Change of clothes
- List of medications (you don't have the bring the meds unless asked to; the hospital will supply daily meds whilst in the hospital)
- Lip balm
- Body lotion

For You
- Change of clothes x 2+ (I have been vomited on post-anesthesia many times)
- PJs that you won't be too embarrassed to be seen in; robe
- Slippers or flip-flops
- Cash for vending machines
- Favorite snacks
- Gum or mints
- Something to do whilst waiting (book, knitting, coloring, notecards, etc.)
- Pen and paper to write down questions or instructions ; also consider audio recording on your phone instructions if you feel overwhelmed
- Toiletries
- Towels - hospital towels are notoriously thin and scratchy
- Ear buds


Anonymous said…
One thing I would add is a running list of any and all surgical procedures/hospital stays (dates, what hospital, physician's name, etc) because they always ask. I made a binder for my terminally ill husband and I would just keep it in the car so anytime there was an emergency, it was right there- I didn't have to worry about going home to get it. I made the lists or meds and procedures when things were calm so that I didn't have to remember in the heat of an emergency. I also made copies of our will, his DNR and POLST forms, insurance cards, and contact information for our families and friends. It really helped so that I could concentrate on my husband instead of dealing with details in admitting.

Stephanie in Portland

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