The Beep of the Pump

The time has come for us to utilize Oliver's g-tube for more than just medication. After making minor adjustments for over a year, we need to make some major changes. I have been prepared with all of the equipment and prescriptions submitted to insurance for food, but nothing prepares you for this.

I have been through it already with Waverly. It was obvious with her. Feeding her was taking hours and she was losing weight. Oliver isn't having those symptoms, but he is experiencing a wet cough after each meal. A sign that he isn't fully clearing his esophagus of food and some may have entered his trachea. It is also a obvious sign of high aspiration risk.

He can certainly still eat by mouth, but we are altering textures and consistencies. And we have introduced a pouch of Real Food Blends as his dinner each night. He tends to be tired by the end of the day, which means his swallowing muscles are also fatigued. I used muscle memory last night as I prepped the pump and filled the bag with his food. The sounds of the pump were both musical and alarming. I was taken back moments with Waverly, nourishing her failing body and thankful for a way to keep her satiated. And I was startled to the present, knowing I am doing them same thing for Oliver now.


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