Oliver Update

We met with Palliative Care last week. They have been a part of our journey for over two years, but this appointment was solely focused on Oliver's future. And it was focused on Matt and I. The appointment is comfortable, like a therapy session. Low lamps and couches. How are we coping? What are our fears? It was a reminder that we do have some control over Oliver's path. As painful as these appointments can be, they are also incredibly supportive. 

I also met with Oliver's school psychologist to do some questionnaires for his triennial evaluation for special education. We were able to skip them three years ago, but the state dictates that they must now be completed. So I answered the questions, stopping after five no answers in a row. It no longer takes very long into the test to get there. Typically within the first page I can move onto the next section. It is both a relief and heartache. I also tackled the Vineland with the school social worker, unable to answer one question without a "not at all" response for the 10 Year questionnaire.

It was an emotionally heavy week. Thankfully we had fun weekend plans full of exploring, baseball games, gardens and BBQ. Focusing on present and enjoying the now.


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