Road Trip Summer 2017

We took another road trip to the Mid-West a few weeks ago. We had a fabulous time seeing friends and family along the way, although the 2300 miles in the car did get a tad long by the last leg of the journey. We began in Chicago exploring the city and taking in a Cubs game. Bucket list item for Matt & Oliver checked off. We were also able to attend a Liv Life event in northern Illinois. (Liv Life is an awesome parent run Sanfilippo organization.)

We then ventured on to Michigan to spend a few days with my best friends and their families. Having all of us stay together in a home with our husbands and children is a dream come true. It is one of the highlights of my year and I am so glad we were able to make it happen once again this year. Oliver is well loved there.

On to Indianpolis to see family. A stop in our old college town for a bite to eat and a quick visit to campus. And some time in Ohio with Matt's family. We were exhausted, but thrilled out little man was up for another long car trip.

It's the summer of memories!


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