Oliver loves pancakes. Going to diners for breakfast has been routine for our family. And Matt gifted me with an electric griddle a few years ago, so we could up our flap jack game. Purchasing real maple syrup is a necessity in our home - no Aunt Jemima or Log Cabin here.

I spent part of this afternoon unpacking Oliver's Real Food Blends from our supply company. Each month I receive a tower of boxes full of pureed food. Instead of having the boxes sit in our dining room until they were needed, I decided to move some things around in our kitchen. I cleared two shelves under our coffee supplies and squeezed in as many pouches as possible. Neat and tidy and organized, with each different meal in a separate plastic bin.

I was only left with one item to relocate. The electric griddle. As I opened cabinets to find space for the behemoth, I realized that I will most likely not be using it very much anymore. Blueberry pancake breakfasts no longer appeal to me. Oliver can't eat them anymore. 

I was overcome with the truth that I will never make him pancakes again. I won't see his fingers dyed purple from the blueberries, sticky from the syrup. This simple realization has knocked the air out of me. And I am heartbroken.


Anonymous said…
I don't know if I have ever commented. I have followed you for years... I don't really have any words for you but, i wanted you to know someone is reading your words and sharing your sorrow.
Sharon in NSB, Florida
Dawnalouba said…
Matt and Shannon, I wish I had eloquent words of comfort for you. I don't. There is nothing that one could say or do to alleviate your pain. You both have traveled a path that I can't imagine. I will continue to pray for your sweet family as I have since the diagnoses. Much love! Lord bless you!!
Naomi Skena said…
Oh my goodness Shannon. My mama heart is broken for you. I'm so, so, so sorry for how brutally unfair this is. So many small things reflecting such a big hard horrible reality.

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