Looking Back

I have continued to struggle with sleep, so I spent a few hours trying to clean out our laptop. Matt is an over saver. His trust in our hard drive is weak, however he continues to save things here. He just saves them multiple times over. I do the same with photos, although I have them saved on various devices - sticks, external hard drives, DVDs, and Google photos, iPhoto.

I was perusing Google photos when I clicked on Waverly's picture. I love the way they use facial recognition to sort photos. I can click her smiling face and there she is. I am always surprised to see new photos added to her timeline. They are always pictures taken in our home, where her photo can be seen the background. It warms my heart that she is still present, still recognized as being among us. It saddens me to have to turn back to 2015 to actual photos of her. A new year means another year separating our time together.

I also cleaned out my iMessages. On my phone they delete in a year, but I never turned on that feature on our MacBook. I scrolled to the bottom and saw texts from people unknown to me who were alerting me to a meal placed in the cooler on our porch during Wavey's time on hospice. Strangers and friends of friends who blessed us with meals, flowers, treats for Oliver. There was also a text from our hospice nurse the morning Waverly's died. I kept them. My usual purging tendencies wanted to preserve those exchanges.


Crystal Hinman said…
Hey! I was directed here by an Instagram friend and I wanted to say hello. We have 2 children recently diagnosed with Juvenile Tay Sachs, a lysosomal storage disorder similar to Sanfilipo..just missing a different enzyme. It all ends in the same devistation anyways. I wanted to let you know that I am glad I found you and I am holding you in my heart. I am @beatrixblue if you ever join Instagram and Christer0665@hotmail.com if you ever want to email. Love and light.

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