Health Update

Oliver is doing so well with our new asthma program. We met with an allergist a few weeks ago and she put him on some new medication. Thus far he has been doing really well. He hasn't had any wheezing or shallow breathing. He is also *finally* getting used to the nebulizer.

Waverly is still having a tough time. We met with our neurologist last week and he is concerned she is having absence seizures. He wants her to get another MRI and do a 24 hour EEG. We opted for an outpatient EEG. We will go to the office and then will attach all of the leads to her head. Then they will cover her head with gauze (to protect the leads) and we have to try to keep her from pulling them off for 24 hours. That is going to be a treat! We also had her hip x-rayed and there is definitely a problem with her left hip. She doesn't have full range of motion and the hip looks like it is slipping from the socket. We are scheduled to consult with an orthopedist about what (if anything) we can do for her. It is obviously causing her pain and her walking has deteriorated so much over the past few weeks.

It is also IEP season and unfortunately, we are not having the smoothest transition given our move to another base school (yet same school district). We are exploring all of our options, searching for the program that will best meet Waverly & Oliver's needs.


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