Happy Birthday, Waverly!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated Waverly on Friday. Our wonderful girl turned 10 years old. Double Digits. As her birthday drew near I began to feel all sorts of emotions. We didn't have plans for a big party, so I felt guilty. I distinctly remember when she was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome that one of the pamphlets we were handed gave a lifespan estimate of 10-18 years. A bittersweet milestone. So I made a simple request on Facebook. I asked my friends who were interested to send Waverly a birthday card. Just a little way to celebrate her since so many who love her are scattered around the globe. Unbeknownst to me, friends were sharing my request with their friends who shared with their friends and before we knew it this happened:

Hundreds and hundreds of cards and packages. People knew she loves Cinderella, Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, so they had their kids draw pictures, color pages and apply stickers. They found cards that played music and lit up. It blew me away!!! We spent Friday night opening cards with her. Matt and I loved reading the letters from kids wishing her a happy birthday. Wavey loved the cards with familiar characters and seemed especially draw to the cards that lit up. We still have yet to open all of them (hopefully we can finish today.)

And in another brilliant surprise, we came home from school on Friday to find this:

Some friends of friends who live in our neighborhood came over to the house and decorated the driveway. It was amazing!!! I actually burst into tears as we pulled in. We haven't met very many people in our area since the kids attend school in the next town over. I love that this family came up with such a creative way to show their love and support.

Wavey was all smiles and giggles as we walked all over the drawing and wishes. She plopped right down and I was able to get a few pictures - of course I couldn't get a smile from her once I had my camera out.

THANKS to all of you who thought of Waverly, mailed a card, sent a message, decorated our driveway or called. You made Waverly's birthday one we will never ever forget.


Joanne said…
I love how something that started so simple turned into something huge. What a tremendous gift! xxx to Waverly and the Gang, Joanne
Kathryn said…
Happy birthday Waverly!

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