Such a Trooper

Waverly has had a very busy few weeks. We saw her PMR doctor a few weeks ago. There is some definite changes to her right hip and she recommended we return to the orthopedist to see what he thinks. We met with him last week. He is  really good doctor and takes the time to have a real conversation with me at each visit. Wavey's knees are continuing to bow inward, causing her hips to turn out more as she grows. He took X-rays and it has gotten worse in the past year. He had recommended we do a fairly simple surgery inserting a metal growth plate on the outside of her knee bones. The thought it as she grows, the plate will pull the leg out and into a proper position. The last time he mentioned the surgery was just a month after her got her g-tube. We were simply not ready to put her through another surgery. Now looking back, I wish we would have given it a try. She is a year old and farther along in the disease. Maybe she could be in less pain and be walking with more stability. So many what ifs...
She sure was cute in her gown as we waited for X-Rays.


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