Colonial Waverly

Waverly's 4th grade class had Colonial Day on Friday. All of the kids were dressed up and participated in events. They made candles, leather journals, beaded necklaces, played period games. It was a super fun event and I thought Wavey looked adorable.


Kathryn said…
She's so cute! I did something like that in the third grade.
Kimmy said…

I have heard about Sanfilippo syndrome through a story of another family and wanted to learn more. The family I follow is in Europe, they have 8 year old Sara and 6 year old Jacob with Sanfilippo. Waverly and Sara look so similar - beautiful thick hair styled in two pigtails.

I don't know what to say - but I read your post about what to day - so this is me say "hi". I will follow your blog and think about you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story. Waverly's classmates are not the only ones who will learn from your experience (re the Waverly's Birthday Party post).

And good for you not to say sorry any more about any inconvenience caused by a wheelchair or Oliver's impatience - I couldn't agree more.


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