Jill's House Video

Matt and I were interviewed by Jill's House as part of their Sponsor a Child Campaign. They put together this lovely video to explain the importance of a place like Jill's House for families who have children with special needs. I especially love the footage of the Waverly & Oliver at JH. You can view the video on You Tube HERE.

If you feel so lead, please consider making a donation to this worthwhile organization. It has made a huge difference for our family and many within our community. You gave find more information about donating at www.jillshouse.org


Kathryn said…
Such a nice video... I wish every state had a Jill's House.
Julia said…
What a beautiful testimony of your story and Jill's House. It was very emotional for me to see you and your husband's raw emotions on screen rather than through words. Beautiful!

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