Waverly Post Flu

As I mentioned in a previous post, the latter half of December and most of January were dominated by Waverly's health. She had the flu and then a subsequent ear infection. She ended up developing aplastic anemia (basically her body stopped the production of blood cells). It took some additional medications and an iron supplement to get her back on track, but she is finally looking more like herself. She seems happier and her color looks great.

Her illness took a toll on her body. She is much weaker and her walking/standing has suffered. Her aide at school was a bit shocked when seeing her after such a long break. I have often heard that as kids with Sanfilippo get older, each illness can take them back a few steps. Boy were they right. 

We are quickly facing the fact that we are going to need some kind of track system or hoist lift in order to move her around the home. My back can certainly not continue to fully support her as her strength diminishes. I knew we would one day get to this point, but it does not make it any easier.


Shannon said…
Praying that she gets stronger & stronger each day!

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