MPS Awareness Day

 MPS Awareness Day is Friday May 15th. It is a special day for our community. It's a day to bring awareness for this rare family of diseases and highlight the amazing kids who exemplify courage every day.

Life isn't easy for Waverly & Oliver. They have lost everything they gained over their first few years of life. Wavey has lost her words, the ability to speak, to do puzzles & perform basic tasks, to use the potty, to run, to climb, to walk, to chew, to swallow, to roll over in bed, to reposition herself. And Oliver isn't far behind his big sister.

They have chronic neuropathic pain. Wavey's hip has necrosis and her bones actually grind on one another. They have seizures, hearing problems, vision issues.

They are different. They go through life getting stared at and second glances. People avoid them. People point at them.

However Waverly & Oliver are resilient and show grace. They respond with smiles and giggles. When you get eye contact with them, you can feel it in your soul. They have impacted the world around them. They remind people to be thankful for their health and to slow down so they can enjoy the little things in life.

Friday is our day to celebrate them. To wear PURPLE - the color of courage. We want our friends to take a moment on Friday and tell someone WHY they are wearing purple. Take a picture of your family and share it on social media #mpsawarenessday.


Rebecca A said…
Thanks for letting us know about this special day for your family. Think of you and your family often. ((HUGS))
Muriel said…
Waverly and Oliver have impacted many others. Each time I wear purple I think of them and MPS. We don't know each other but have learned of Jill's house through you and support it.
May you continue to see the giggles and love in both of their eyes.

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