Slowing Down

Things are slowing down in our home. And for once I am not speaking only about the kids. After Waverly got so sick in January with the flu and then her hospitalization in February, I realized that I needed to make some changes for the family.

Waverly has been sleeping in a bit more each morning. And she is requiring much more time. She cannot be left alone sitting on her bed or in the bathroom, because she is simply not strong enough to sit unsupported. She needs more time to be stretched and massaged. And her walking is horrible now. The short walk from her bedroom to the bathroom is not going to be possible for much longer. We have submitted paperwork to get a Hoyer Lift for the house, so we can move her safely whilst saving our backs.

Oliver is stiffer in the mornings and his walking looks much more chaotic, especially right after waking. He typically runs down the hall to the family room after I get him dressed. He runs a bit like a pinball now, bouncing off of the walls as he makes his way. The excitement of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is incentive enough to keep his feet running at the moment. He is also overstuffing his mouth and storing food in his cheeks like a chipmunk, which requires me to stay close as he eats his breakfast.

All of these changes have slowed us down. Slowed me down. And I am a better mom for it.

The stress of getting to school on time was becoming too much. Our doctors supplied the school with a letter stating that we needed to move the kids to a later start time. Wavey can sleep in as late as she wants. I can take time to feed Ollie. We have time for stretching and massaging, singing and tickling. It has been such a wonderful change for all of us.

I am less stressed. And caffeinated, since I now have time for a cup of coffee before beginning my day. I am happier.


Anonymous said…
Amen to not rushing... that's a lot of mom'ing first thing in the morning, with no coffee!! nm

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