Settling Into Our New Normal

Waverly has had a long month. She has endured a lot of doctor appointments, new medications and changes to her routine. Thankfully she is a resilient little girl who adapted more quickly than I. 

In some positive news, her back brace is doing what is supposed to do. Whilst wearing it, the curves in her spine went from 50+ degrees to about 30 degrees. The orthopedist recommended that she wear it whenever she is awake. It has certainly added an extra long step to our morning routine, but I know the benefits outweigh the aggravation of strapping her into the brace each day.

She has also tolerated her new seizure med quite well. She was fairly sleepy that first week, but we have worked up to her full strength dose and she seems brighter. We can elicit smiles and an occasional giggle which thrills me. And (knock on wood), she hasn't had a seizure in about 2 weeks. 

I feel as if life has slowed down more for our family. It's taking me much longer to prepare the kids for their day. Simple tasks are requiring more effort and time. I seem more aware of beauty in simple things - holding her hand, taking a walk around the neighborhood, glancing at her big brown eyes in the van.

I am embracing the slowness. Embracing the simplicity of life. Thankful for today.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update, Shannon. Enjoy this great fall weather! nm

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