Waverly's Memorial Service

We had many people say they wish they could have joined us for Waverly's memorial service and those present commented how meaningful the service was for them. I'm sharing the link for those who weren't able to join us in celebrating her life and grieving her loss.


What a beautiful service. I've been reading your blog for years. The slideshow at the end was very powerful. May God bless you tenfold.
Anonymous said…
I loved the photo montage at the end - you have captured so many lovely moments with Wavey - such a gorgeous child. Though to this moment one of my favorites is the super-Wavey in her purple brace. I hope you can put it somewhere on the blog, it is so beautiful - particularly seeing all four of you together. This is how I will remember Wavey even if I never met her.

I hope wherever she is now, she knows how many lives she touched.


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