Six Months

It has been six months since I last heard Waverly take a breath. Six months since I twirled her hair in my fingers and kissed her warm cheeks. I cannot believe so much time has passed since she was here with us.

There have been moments where I am confident she sent little signs - birds and wind chimes specifically. I am still waiting for her to come to me in a dream. And my heart has yet to feel confident that she is safe and loved wherever she is.

I haven't written much over the last month because I feel no inspiration. My mind is slowly coming to terms with the fact that she really is gone. The surface emotions are settling and instead I am left with this deep pain that has yet to be defined or understood. It has moved beyond simply missing her presence and moved to a new stage and a new depth of loss.

We were able to plant a Catawba Crepe Myrtle tree at the kids' school. It will blossom purple each summer. The tree will provide a place for those who love Waverly to visit and remember. 


Megan said…
May 18th marked one month since my 6 month old daughter, Luna, passed away. I don't have dreams about her either, but my 4-year-old does. I found your blog through a friend, and I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Waverly. I love your post about using her name when you get coffee or make a reservation. I love hearing and seeing my daughter's name, too. So many hugs.

Anonymous said…
A beautiful tree and equally beautiful gesture. You are such a graceful family. Peace to you all.

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