Sweet Oliver

This little boy has had a difficult week. Since returning from our vacation he started having some seizure activity again. We had ventured up to CHoP a few weeks ago to see a wonderful team of doctors, including the neurologist who diagnosed the kids. She recommended that we begin treating the seizures. After some thought we decided that this was a good course of action.

I have been dealing with quite a bit of guilt/regret since Waverly passed. I never felt like we adequately addressed her seizures and neurological issues. We opted to not medicate immediately and at times I second guess that approach. So with Oliver, we have decided to try being proactive with the seizures in the hopes of stopping some of the damage they can inflict on the brain.

Therefore a few days ago we started Ollie on a new med. We haven't seen any negative side effects. It is going to be a few months until he is up to an effective dose, so we will have to wait and see how it works. Fingers crossed and prayers sent.

Sweet Oliver continues to have petit mal seizures and some laughing ones as well. They seem to be disrupting his sleep. He is also very unsteady on his feet. I certainly hope the new medication works and is able to restore some balance, both literally and figuratively.


Linda said…
Bless his heart! I hope the medecine will relieve at least some of his symptoms.
Patty said…
Shannon, please don't second guess yourself on the medictions. Even though every one of our kids are different, we too have gone the no med route on seizures and its been work, But for us it has been ok. I just posted this article this morning that is partly how I addressed seizures. But some new info in it may help me reduce the few break thru ones that happen every couple of months now . http://www.dana.org/Cerebrum/2016/A_New_Approach_for_Epilepsy/. Follow your heart. It is the best we can do! Sending prayers for Ollie . We think of you often !

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