Nine months into the grieving process and I have learned a few lessons along the way. An important one being that transitions are tough. Any change going on around me - seasonal change, end of school, preparing for a holiday - is a reminder that I have to navigate it without Waverly. 

I seem to be having an incredibly difficult time with Back to School. Photos started popping up on Facebook from friends in areas where school has already started. The stores are highlighting all of the back to school items. (Which to be honest has always been a difficult season for me. Instead of shopping for school supplies, our lists consisted of Lysol wipes and hand soap.) I had to order some pants for Oliver and when I went into Hanna Andersson to pick them up, I succumbed to tears over all of the adorable fall girl items. I loved dressing Waverly - she had style. Only one letter from school arrived this year. And as all of Wavey's classmates are anxiously anticipating the beginning of middle school, I am left mourning.


Denise Montalto said…
I think of Waverly so often. I think of all of you. I know you will continue to have this hole in your heart until your last breath, and I wish there was a way to lift that sadness for you. I hope that you find joy in reminders of how special Waverly continues to be to so many of us. You are always lifted in prayer and loved McNeil family.♡
Anonymous said…
My heart breaks For you. Please know Waverly is never far from my thoughts, and I am so sorry that all of these reminders and transitions are all around you all the time. You are strong and brave and somehow,but the grace of God, you will get through this next transition. Praying for you.

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