Waverly's Room

We have made some changes to Waverly's room. We were so fortunate to have a Sleep Safe bed for her. It made a world of difference in caring for her and allowing her to sleep safely each night. Plus it gave Matt and I the gift of a full night's sleep. It took some time, but we finally dismantled the bed (with help from my step-dad). A lovely family who also has two children with Sanfilippo Syndrome is came down and picked it up for their son. I am so thankful another family can benefit from this bed.

Wavey's room felt so empty and nondescript without her bed. I still wanted it to be *her* space. So I moved our desk in there. It's the perfect space to sit for paperwork or working from home. I bought a bright pink rug and moved her Yogibos there for comfy seating. I have found myself back there often. It's a new space, but it is still her space.


Anonymous said…
How wonderful, that another child can sleep safely in Wavey's bed.
This must have been so hard for you guys. Good for you, for being able to make this step.
What a good idea to move your desk in there, having her things all around you.
I'm thinking of your family often, hoping for you to find your way through the grieving process.

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