Her Spirit

Today was Oliver's Open House at school. He is starting 4th grade next week and this will be his 7th year at VES (he attended preschool for 2 years). He has the same wonderful teacher and the same wonderful aides. The classroom is the same and even though he wasn't thrilled to be back - he is my homebody - he knew right where to go. He also has one of my favorite teachers as his grade level teacher. She is passionate about inclusion. And some of my favorite peers are with him. It should be a good year for him. He is surrounded by people who love him.

After visiting his ID and 4th grade classrooms, we headed to the side of the school to see Waverly's tree. We are there almost daily to water it through the hot summer. Today was different. Wavey's absence was more profound. She was supposed to be there with us. But her spirit can be felt both at her tree and within the school. She left her mark within those walls. I am proud of the legacy she left behind, paving the way for her little brother and other children in the Intellectual Disability program.


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