Today is Waverly's 13th birthday. I have been anticipating it for such a long time and felt helpless the entire day. I just couldn't quite figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Wailing, celebrating, baking her favorite cake, volunteering my time. Nothing felt right and everything felt wrong.

My morning was routine since Oliver has standing OT and PT appointments. After I dropped him off at school, I popped into Target. I love giving gifts. I decided that in honor of Wavey Inspires, I would buy some of her favorite books and DVDs to donate to Jill's House. I put together a bag full of items and dropped them off this afternoon with Oliver. I hope the gifts bring them joy.

Matt and I went out to one of our favorite little restaurants. We sat in the corner by the fireplace and enjoyed some time together. We toasted Waverly 13th birthday and I shed a few tears. We ended the night early because we are both emotionally exhausted.

Last year on this day I remember praying that should would make it through. I stayed up until midnight to make sure she would see another day. We truly didn't know if she would. I remember our pastor coming over that afternoon to preform the Anointing of the Sick sacrament (similar to the last rites). I laid in bed next to her as Matt, my mom and step-dad stood around our priest. It was a beautiful moment.

Thanks to those of you who sent emails, texts, messages, for the flowers and the balloons and the cheesecake. For the photos of you wearing purple and for sharing the ways Wavey has touched your lives.

Today I tried to focus on celebration. Waverly loved birthdays and nothing make her smile more than hearing "Happy Birthday" being sung. I hope she was surrounded by those who love her and heard the happy birthday song sung twice (as she preferred). 

Happy Birthday, dear Waverly. Happy Birthday to you.


Aubrey. said…
Just sang it twice through. Happy 13 Waverly.

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