Christmas has always been difficult for me since the kids' were diagnosed. Initially I tried to push the sorrow away with sparkling lights and gifts. However as Waverly & Oliver's disease progressed, their interest in the holiday diminished. Oliver hasn't shown any interest in presents for years, he doesn't notice the Christmas lights and I don't think he spotted the Christmas tree. Our life gets quiet as those around get so busy with preparations. 

We attended Christmas Eve service and (thank to his iPad), Oliver sat through the entire service. We decided to go to Founding Farmers for dinner. It had been a tradition in the past to go there and then walk to see the National Christmas Tree. We had a lovely dinner and it felt comforting to be surrounding by tables of other families celebrating the holiday together. Christmas night we took Oliver to Meadowlark to walk through the gardens and see the lights. It was a wonderful way to close out the day and I think it will become a new family tradition.


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