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On Thursday June 8th, Jill's House is participating in the Do More 24 campaign sponsored by the United Way of the National Capital Area. It is a 24 hour fundraising event for local non-profits. About 80% of the Jill's House budget comes from fundraising! The grand prize winner gets an additional $10,000 and there are some corporate donors who are offering matching grants to increase our chances of winning the big prize.

As many of you know, Jill's House has been vital for our family. Waverly first started attending soon after it opened. I vividly remember her first weekend stay. We dropped her off on a Friday night and I was so impressed. The nurses and staff knew all about her, down to her little lamb being her comfort toy. We received an email that night containing a picture of her with her child support attendant. The next day we took Oliver to a local amusement park. It was so nice to focus on him, knowing Wavey was enjoying a weekend away at a place designed specifically for children like her. They had Sleep Safe beds, an adaptive playground, bouncy castle, a zero entry indoor pool, gym, music room, huge movie screen, sensory room, and so much more. She was making friends with the other children and the staff. We were beyond anxious to pick her up and I believe we arrived an hour early, waiting in the parking lot for our check out time. And thus began our relationship with Jill's House.

Oliver had to wait almost 3 years until he was old enough to attend. Finally he turned 6 and he burst through the backdoors to the playground. He rode around on a two-person tricycle, watched Mickey Mouse on the big screen, played in the pool.

Jill's House staff have become friends. When Waverly was placed on hospice, it was a Jill's House staff member who delivered coffee to Matt and I. They delivered a huge poster filled with photos and notes celebrating her 12th birthday. (She had birthday parties with her friends there in the past.) Purple balloons arrived at our door.

And they wanted to help in the best way possible, by loving Oliver. They understood that Matt and I were focused on Waverly. So they stepped in and offered Oliver additional nights. He was given so much attention and love. It was during that time he bonded with Isac, one of the best staff members at Jill's House. Ollie needs consistency and gentleness. He needed a hand to hold and a kind voice to guide him. Isac provided all of that and more. Still to this day Oliver is calmed by Isac's presence.

When Waverly passed away, it was a staff member of Jill's House who meet us at the church. She walked us through funeral plans and handled details that I couldn't bear to carry. They helped serve the food and drinks, and after the funeral they cleaned up so Matt and I could focus on our family and friends.

It is for all of these reasons and more that I am asking you to help us help Jill's House. Please consider donating in honor of Waverly & Oliver. It would mean so much to Matt and I knowing that more families will receive the blessings that Jill's House provides.

Click here to donate.

Thank you.

You can learn more about Jill's House here.


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