Meet Our Second Winner

Today was the last day of school. The sixth grade class is recognized for all of their hard work in elementary school. Awards are given for academic, physical fitness, and musical success. We were also able to give the Waverly McNeil Memorial Award for Kindness & Inclusion. This is the second year we have done so. In my very biased opinion, it is the most important award to bestow on one student.

Matt and I created this award to recognize the student who most exemplifies kindness and inclusion within the school. In her years at VES, Waverly changed the school. By including her in the main stream classes, celebrating MPS Awareness Day and Special Education Week, and brainstorming with the teachers for opportunities to volunteer, she helped create an environment of respect and value for all students.

The winner this year is Alyssa Morse. Her teachers were quick to recommend her. She wrote an essay for a creative writing assignment on the benefits of kindness. She then went to each classroom during morning meetings and presented her essay, spreading the word on the benefits of kindness and inclusion. She is remarkable young lady.

As I watched another group of children step up to receive their certificates for completing sixth grade, I was overcome with the knowledge that these kids are going to take those lessons into their middle schools, high schools and beyond. It is my hope that they reach out to the lonely, befriend the new kid, protect the bullied and show kindness to all. I hope that kids in wheelchairs, who use chewy tubes, who are non-verbal are SEEN.


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