Do More 24

This is Oliver and his buddy, Isac. They have been friends since Oliver started attending Jill's House over five years ago. Isac has been a constant presence, which is helpful with a kid like Ollie. Ollie needs consistency and he likes to follow a routine. Isac provides that.

When Waverly's health began to decline and she entered hospice, we needed more assistance with Oliver. Not just anyone could take care of him and without family in the area, we were lost. 

Enter Jill's House.

With one phone call, we had their full support. One of the staff nurses had worked in hospice previously, so she was a wealth of information. The parent support team provided us with referrals for funeral homes to florists. They helped us secure a location for Wavey's service. Coffee was delivered. Handmade cards were dropped off, along with flowers and balloons.

And Oliver was loved. He was offered additional nights at Jill's House, so Matt and I could focus on Waverly. While there, the gentle man in the photo above, poured all of his energy into Oliver. Each night until Oliver went to bed and then before he woke the next morning, Isac was present. They rode bikes, took lots of walks, watched Mickey Mouse. And they always held hands.

The morning Waverly died, Oliver was at Jill's House. It was an answer to my prayer. I didn't want him home for that moment. I didn't want him to hear the wails. I didn't want him to be here when she was taken out of house for the final time. He was in the loving, capable hands of the staff and volunteers at Jill's House. I will be forever grateful for the love they showed our family, especially during that most painful of times.

Our family is participating in the Do More 24 campaign. It is a 24 hour fundraiser, powered by the United Way, for capital area non-profits. The clock starts at noon on Thursday May 17th and runs through noon on Friday May 18th. The organizations that raise the most money during that time period are eligible for additional monetary prizes. This is an easy way to give to an organization that is incredibly important to our family. Please consider clicking this link and donating. You can schedule your donation now, so it will go through during the competition time.  The first $25,000 donated in the first two hours will be matched by a generous donor. 

Thank you!


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