End of a Season

We finished out the season strong. Oliver took in two Nats games this week - both wins. Going to baseball games has been such a fun family outing for us for many years. The stadium is beautiful and fully accessible. Oliver has always enjoyed watching the sport. And the snacks have been a draw until this summer when he could no longer eat by mouth.

We were rather sentimental with his final game of the season last night. We have no idea what the future holds, but the end of any season brings with it emotion.

We seem to have settled into a lull, which I am fully embracing. We have pulled back on calories and his body is showing us signs that he can better tolerate the more frequent smaller meals. He is becoming sleepy often during the day, nodding off especially when in the van or cuddling on the couch. I am happy to feel somewhat grounded for the moment. Even though we know he is on the decline, I feel like I have been able to catch my breath and rest.


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