Meet Matilda

The glorious puppy seen above has joined our family. She is the niece of our golden, Watson. We have maintained a friendship with the breeder and when this fluff ball was offered, we were thrilled to accept. Matilda joined our family one week ago. She was an immediate hit with the entire family. Watson is thrilled to have a playmate. Oliver loves petting her soft puppy fur. And Matt and I are constantly laughing at her antics....with a little dose of paper towels and steam cleaning. We named her Matilda because Matt is a huge Roald Dahl fan. Matt read the book "Matilda" to Waverly and we took her to see the show on Broadway.

It has been a difficult week. Adding a puppy to the mix definitely created some stress, but it also brought so much joy. Nothing is cuter than puppy wiggles and snuggles. Oliver has been doing ok. We saw his neurologist on Tuesday. Oliver has been having sleep disturbing movements for the last few months. He prescribed another medication and unfortunately it is not helping. 

We are continuing to see slight changes with Oliver. We have decreased the speed with which he eat and the volume. I am trying to boost the caloric intake of his food, without increasing the overall volume. We are also spreading his food out into smaller meals. We had to change one of his formulas to an easier to digest version.

His body temperature is fluctuating. He has random fevers and then periods of low temps. We are also seeing more neurological blips.

Matt said it best the other night. With Waverly we were ignorant of what these changes mean. Now we know. It's worse.


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