Beeping Reminder

I am holding on with a fairly strong grip to the last symbol of our family of four. And more importantly a mom who has a child(ren) with a disability. The wheelchair van. I simply cannot let it go. I have grown to love the hollow blue minivan. I love that the seat pockets still contain books, chewy toys and vomit bags. I still fight the instinct to turn on the DVD player. And I often find myself looking at the tiny mirror, only to see an empty space.

We had installed a special system so the kids' wheelchairs could click in and lock, forgoing the straps and clips like buses use. The system beeps when the wheelchair is not securely locked in. It has taken to beeping on and off all of the time, even when I press the override button. Even the van misses Oliver.


Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
Praying for you and your husband (and family).

Hugs from Ohio,

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