Jill's House Got a New Client

Monday was a day we have all been waiting for. Oliver was *finally* able to stay at Jill's House. Since he turns 6 this month, he is eligible. He has been desperate to get through their locked doors and discover the playground, pool and bouncy houses. The day finally arrived. JH staff arrived at their school at the end of the day to pick up the kids for their school overnight. Oliver was thrilled to finally board the bus and easily climbed up into the front row. I couldn't believe how easily he separated from me, off on his own adventure. I heard wonderful reports from the JH staff. He had a fabulous time and fell asleep the second his head his pillow.

Matt and I spent part of the evening doing the interview with NPR. We then grabbed a quick dinner and headed home. We were both asleep early and excited to sleep the entire night without interruption.


Cheryl said…
When is the interview going to air?

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