Merry Christmas!!

Christmas has been a very difficult holiday for me since Waverly & Oliver were diagnosed almost 5 years ago. This year I was finally able to put aside all of my expectations and just relax. Christmas Eve was just like any other night, except we had a delicious evening of appetizers. Christmas morning we all piled into our bed and watched cartoons under the covers. I made some yummy monkey bread for breakfast. Instead of trying to get the kids interested in wrapped presents under the tree, I unboxed the few gifts and had them out ready for play in the family room. We ended the day hosting my cousin and her family for dinner.

The kids are nestled all snug in their beds. The puppy is snoring on the kitchen floor. I keep smiling. Christmas never looks like the movie version. And our Christmas day was much different than all of my facebook friends' walls filled with photos of kids tearing into presents. Yet we were all together. That is what matters.


Kathryn said…
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
PK said…
A late Merry Christmas to you! You have such a great attitude and perspective on life. It sounds like that great attitude enabled your family to enjoy a wonderful day together.

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