Back to School

I am now the very proud mom to a 4th and 1st grade. (How did that happen?!?!) I was able to snap this picture on Tuesday - our first day of school. The kids are still at the same school. Oliver is actually in the same classroom with the same teacher as last year. He has 3 new classmates though. Waverly is in the other IDS classroom with a new teacher and 3 former classmates. Wavey's fantastic aide is with her again this year and for that we are incredibly grateful. I had some very kind emails from their mainstream teachers, welcoming them into their classrooms.

Wavey was all smiles for her first day. Oliver was a bit upset about returning to school, but he will soon settle in once again. He just takes a bit longer to remember the routine and get comfortable. I hope for another great year for all of us.


kathryn said…
I wore purple the other day, thinking of you guys. Then, proceeded to spill coffee ALL OVER. I still wore the shirt though, and now when I look at coffee I think of you guys!

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